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Picture Captions

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Me, Me, Me

Here are some picture captions.

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Paul: Hey Benj, are we still on for tonight?
Benji: (whispers) Paul! Not Right Now! The camera's facing this way!

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Benji (shrieks): AAAH! JOEL! AAH! Kill it, Joel, Kill it! Aah! The spider's gonna get me Joel! KILL IT!

Where Joel hangs out on the weekends

Benji: Hey Joel, what happened to your--
Joel (yelling): Hey! So how was your day?!

Who says Benji and Joel don't like dancing?

*sigh*Just when you thought Joel's addiction was over... *shakes head in disappointment*

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I think Joel's jealous of Benji's new "friend."

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Joel in baby voice: Hold me Benji, I had a hard day today.
Benji in sympathetic voice: There, there Joely. Everything will be alright.