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8/ 26/ 05 - Added new audio along with lyrics. Check it out, hope you guys enjoy. Seeya.
8/ 14/ 05 - Ok you guys, I added 3 new videos and 4 are up because I left Hold On up. So the 3 new videos are 'TCOLAD', 'MTV Diary', and 'Joel at the Mall.' Ok, so as you guys know, I'm working on a new site and I really want you guys to check it out and participate in it! Well, seeya guys!
8/ 22/ 05 - Alright, by request, I added the Hold On music video today. I also added a little magazine clip from Blender, so there's a new magazine scan. That's it for now. Any other sorts of requests and such, just tell me by the tagboard or by e-mail or IM. Seeya.
8/ 20/ 05 - Ok, so I updated early today.. well, it's just late over here. Anyway, I added a couple of new avatars and new magazine scans! FINALLY!!! I still have to find that one magazine though so I can post it on here. Well, seeya guys.
*edit* Sorry for not adding the audio up yesterday you guys... I sort of lost track of what day it was and forgot. So I added 'Aquiesce' 'The Anthem' <--altered version and 'A New Beginning Remix.' Hope you guys enjoy. Seeya.