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Paul Quotes

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Random Paul Quotes

"Come guys sing. I know you know the words. Sing with me!! I forget them!"

"Don't get it wrong. We all hate their dad." (Referring to the twin's dad)

"It's OK, nobody's as much of a psycho as I am."

"My dream is to go home and stay there."

"People just always ask me for a "Paul hug"... what the heck is that?"

"Billy drives like an old grandma."

"You have beautiful handwriting..."

"Are you sure you don't want Joel's autograph instead?"

Paul: "St. Paul is not gay!! He's very, very straight."
Aaron: "Ok, buddy, whatever you want to believe."
Paul: "You're really starting to hurt my feelings."

"If you ever make me do that again, I will punch you in the face and make you bleed."

"Are you SURE you're not from Waldorf? I swear I've seen you so much before."

"Garbage song: Girls....
Paul: Like YOU!
song: Boys....
Paul: Like ME!
Song: Girls.....
Paul: like JOEL! "

"I never was your favorite! You never wanted my boxers!"