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Do-able Things to Represent GC

Sing a Good Charlotte song at least once a day.

Find whatever you can on Good Charlotte such as rare songs, pictures, etc.

Learn how to play their songs on some sort of instrument. Preferably the bass, guitar or drums.

Create your own Good Charlotte site.

Share your opinions on Good Charlotte with other people.

Cut out the letters GC and during the summer, tape them to a visible body part and you’ll have a tan with GC outlined.

Post everything you have of Good Charlotte in your room.

Create your own Good Charlotte items. Sew some shirts or copy some pictures onto a shirt. Or just write Good Charlotte all over your shoes.. Etc.

Create graphics of Good Charlotte and advertise them online.

Constantly talk about Good Charlotte to your friends until you actually have them talking about it as well.

Decorate your folder and/or backpack with Good Charlotte stuff.

Get anything you find of GC that you can.

Make friends with new different GC fans.

Watch anything and everything that features Good Charlotte in it.

Go to every single Good Charlotte concert that you possibly can.

Try making contact with Good Charlotte, whether it be by e-mail, phone or mail.

Sing along to their songs whether you’re at a concert or just at home.

Always carry around their music in a cd player, car or tape.

Write a song or poem dedicated to Good Charlotte.

If you ever have a report due on someone, do it on Good Charlotte.

Try and make Good Charlotte Valentine’s Day cards to pass out to your friends.

Name your pets after the members of Good Charlotte.

During Easter, create GC covered eggs and fill the prizes with GC stuff.

Make a timed Easter Egg Hunt and time it by playing a couple of Good Charlotte songs.

Celebrate every band member’s birthday and make a tribute to them on that day.

On the last day of school, do something absolutely crazy that represents Good Charlotte.

If you ever do write on a desk or book something, make sure it says Good Charlotte.

On the fourth of July, hire special fireworks that will spell out GC Rocks or something around there in honor of them.

Write the letters GC all over any visible parts of you.

On Christmas, tell your family about what happened to Benji and Joel on their Christmas Eve several years ago.

Lastly, whenever you go out, always have something on that represents Good Charlotte in any way possible.