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Me, Me, Me

Made by the cool GC fan, Genevieve. Please don't take this.

THE DEALIO: One day, Good Charlotte walks down the streets of Waldorf... until a bunch of thugs come up to them.

As GC was walking down the streets of Waldorf, thugs "happen" to come walk by.... Thug: "Yo, yous that posa' boy-band, Good Charlotte?"

Paul: "No... we're the Spice Girls"

Billy: "Paul...?"

Thug: "Yo, dude, that shit aint funny!"

Joel: "Yo, I like your accent, man"

Thug: "Fer real, mofo, fer real" (*raises hand for Joel to slap it*)

Joel:(*Slaps it and they "hommie hug"*)

Benji: "Dude, what're you doing?"

Joel: "Yo, keep out of mah' buisness, you hear me?"

Benji: "Sure..." One of the thugs:(*Looks over at Billy*)

Thug(*talks to Billy*):"Yo emo, what band you from really?"

Paul:(*Pushes in front of Billy, and takes out a picture of Sporty Spice...Holds up picture next to his face*) “See? This is me about four years ago"

Thug: "You want me to break mah' foot off up in yo' ass?"

Chris:(*Slowly tries to walk away from the situation*)

Thug:"Yo bald-ass, where you think you screwin' off to, yo?"

Chris: "Who you callin' a bald-ass?!?!" (*Reflects light from the sun off his shiny head, into the thug's eyes*)

Thug: "Ah! Yo, you goddamned bald-ass, you've blinded mah' eyes!"(* Tries to run off, but falls in a river and dies*)

Paul: "Nice SpiceGirl power, Chris!"

Chris: "Uh...yeah"(*Pats Paul's back, while shakes head shamefully*)

Benji: "Dudes, lets ditch these asswipes"

Joel: "Yo, don't dis mah' posies, yo!"

Benji: "Dude, shut up, these guys aren't your posies!"

Thug: "Yo, he can call who eva the hell he wants to call his posie, yo"

Billy: "Shut up, gay-ass!"

Same Thug: "Who you callin' gay-ass, emo?"

Billy:(*Throws a punch at the thug* *His boney-ass arm falls off*) "GOD DAMMIT!!!!" Benji: "Yo, lets leave"

Joel: "Make me, ya mutha fucka!!"

Benji: " can stay if you want to, Joel"

Thug: "Yo, yous aint goin' nowhere 'till i find out if yous that posa mofo band, Good Charlotte"

Paul: "God Dammit, we're the Spice Girls!!!!!!!!!"

Paul:(*Takes a wiffle ball bat and beats the crap out of the thug*)

Thug:(*Falls on the ground*) (*Gets up, and tries to punch Paul*) (*Misses, and hits Joel instead*)

Joel: "What the fuck? I thought we were buds, yo??"

Benji:"Shut up, Joel!!!!!!"

Joel:"Make me, ya mofo" Benji:"For the love of Christ..." (*Punches Joel in the face*) Joel:(*Falls to the ground*)

Paul:"Now, girls, you need to calm yourselves."

Billy: "For the last effen time, we are NOT from the SpiceGirls!!!!!" (*Kicks Paul bellow the belt*)

Paul:(*Doesn't get affected*)

Chris:"Yo, dude, lay off him.. He might of just taken to much medicine today"

Billy: "RARG!!!!" (*Starts going crazy 'cause of the SpiceGirl buisness*) (*Starts beating Chris and Paul up*)

Joel:(*Gets up and bitch slaps Benji across the face*)

Benji:"WHAT THE FUCK???" (*Starts punching Joel.. Him and Joel start getting into a brawl*)

GC:(*All in a fist fight with each other*)

Thugs:(*Stare questioningly*) (*Walk away slowly without GC noticing*)