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Random Billy Quotes

"No, my name is Billina!!"

"It really doesn't matter. Like sometimes I'm in a crunchy mood, sometimes I'm in a creamy mood, ya know?"

"I murdered Paul's entire family."

"I can juggle."

"And now, I'm going to the bathroom. And no, you can't follow me in there!"

"I know how much of a pain dragging your guitar around is."

"One day we can walk hand in hand down the road towards a rainbow all happy."

"That's some good shit... I MEAN STUFF!" (Nightmare Before Christmas hat)

"I'm not famous. You're all just crazy!"

"Benji likes to match his underwear with his hair. We caught him wearing a pink thong once, and we video taped it."

"If you stand in front of the mirror, holding 1 dozen roses, you'll see 13 of the most beautiful things."

"I used to just watch cartoons. Sit in front of the TV and watch cartoons with a piece of paper and a pencil. I would draw every cartoon character. I wanted to work for Disney really bad and be an animator. I'd sit around and draw all day long. I never really went out and played in the woods with a bunch of snakes under rocks. I was scared of snakes. I was pretty little so I would just sit around and draw. That's all I really did. I listened to "It's not easy being green" by Kermit on a record player in my headphones every single day. That was big on my list." (Talking about what he was like as a kid)

"In the last five minutes, it's Ian... Ian... Ian... Ian... Ian. I guess Ian's looking for me."

"I'm really into girls that try to be a little different from everybody else but are very classy at the same time."

Person: "Hey Billy can you sign my arm?"
Billy: "Sure thing sweetie!"
Some Other Person: "Hey Billy! Can you sign my ass?"
Billy: "There will be no ass signing tonight. I'm sorry for the inconvenience..."