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Joel Rueben Ryan Madden

Born: March 11, 1979

Raised In: Waldorf/ Naptown, Maryland

Height: 5’9

Eye Color: Brown

Position: Vocalist

Status: Unknown

Nickname: Sickboy


Food: Cookies (snicker doodles) and home cooked food

Color: Baby blue

Shows: The Simpson’s, Martin, South Park, and Seinfield

Cereal: Cinnamon Life

Holiday: Christmas

Superhero: Spiderman

Likes: Star wars, going to the movies alone, cooking, toys, sushi, girls, spiked hair, piercing, tattoos, east and west coast, clean socks, jewelry, getting mail, malls, and veggie burgers.

Hates: Waking up, wasabi, rainy days, humidity, every math teacher he ever had, manual labor, 6th and Main, and bitter ex- football players.

Hobbies: Collecting McFarland and other action figures, collecting crucifixes, reading, and hanging out with his family and Cashdogg.