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William Dean Martin

Born: June 15, 1981

Raised in: Waldorf, Maryland

Height: 5’11

Eye Color: Blue

Position: Lead guitarist

Status: Taken

Nickname: Lil’ Billy


Food: Pizza, food with peanut butter in it, sushi, and bean burritos.

Color: Black

Show: The Simpson’s

Cereal: Anything with Marshmallows in it (Lucky Charms, Boo Berry, etc.)

Holiday: Christmas

Superhero: Batman

Number: 27

Likes: Drawing, comic books, cartoons, girls, going online, music, sleeping, and tattoos.

Dislikes: People who don’t use their blinkers, really lazy people, meat, annoying people, turtlenecks, spiders, and snakes.

Hobbies: Collecting toys, buying new clothes, playing music, hanging with his Friends.